Creativity takes courage  – Henri Matisse


Every pupil has within them the innate aspiration to create. It is part of them, so much so that it comes as easy as breathing, playing or even moving. Exposing our pupils to the Visual Arts is an essential part of the Milnerton Primary School curriculum. Under the gentle guidance of our very talented Ms. Sarah Sharman, our pupils experience a vast array of media including painting, drawing, three dimensional design, craft and mixed media. Our art room is a rustic place of creative exploration. It is a safe haven for every child that passes through its doors. Our Bi-Annual Art Expo and Auction, showcases each of our pupils’ unique talents. Through this process, every child gets to experience what it is like to be a real artist. Conceptualizing their design, bringing it to life through a medium of their choice and preparing exhibits, each learner can enjoy the fruits of creativity once their displays are finalised. Our Art offering speaks volumes of our approach to teaching and learning as we believe in giving every child the opportunity and the freedom to create.

“As Milnerton Primary School’s Art educator, my vision is to assist children to become problem-solvers and critical thinkers, so that they are prepared for the uncertainty of their futures. In the art room, my mission is to encourage children to produce unique, personal interpretations of the world around them. I want them to develop their potential, and to be proud of what they have accomplished. This should lead to an improved self-esteem and a healthy outlook on life. I will work hard, with commitment and dedication to achieve this.” – Ms. Sarah Sharman



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