At Milnerton Primary
School we have a dedicated and
and representative school
governing body  


At Milnerton Primary School we have a very dedicated school governing body. This group of 9 elected members, is a body of parents, educators, non-teaching staff who work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the school community, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. Central to the functions of the governing body is policy formulation, specifically the admissions policy, the language policy and the code of conduct for learners. They also ensure that the school is properly maintained, improved and that the associated services are paid for. Additionally the governing body is tasked to ensure the financial sustainability and strategic planning of the school.

The current elected members are

Mr. R. Nell (Chairperson)
Mr. P. Loubser (Vice Chairperson)
Mrs. S. Petersen (Treasurer)
Mr. A. Sacks (Parent, Health, Safety and Security)
Mrs. G. Krige (Fundraising)
Mr. W. Middleton (Headmaster)
Mr. R. Wedderburn-Clark (Deputy Head, Discipline)
Ms. J. Cherry (Deputy Head, Education)
Mrs. J. Whittal (Secretary)


Telephone: (021) 552 2028

Physical Address
12 Zastron Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Reception: Ms. Hyman

Personal Assistant to the Headmaster, Admissions: Mrs. Haywood

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