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The school based support team (SBST) is an ongoing, collaborative, problem solving unit of school personnel. The SBST meet regularly to assist classroom and subject teachers to develop and implement strategies that support pupil learning.

The school based support team includes a core group of regular members including the Headmaster, the Learning support coordinator, a learning support teacher and the Deputy Head (Learner Affairs). The referring classroom or subject teacher is a key member of the team when one of their pupils is being discussed. Parents may be invited to team meetings should this be beneficial to the continued academic intervention for their child. Others, such as specialist teachers, student support service staff, community support agencies, counselling social workers and educational psychologists maybe in invited to attend meetings when appropriate. The learning support coordinators facilitate easy access to the team for pupils, parents and staff alike.

For more information regarding the School Based Support Team, kindly see the email addresses below:

Mrs. Farham:

Extended School Programme, Sport Administration, School Based Support Team, Learner & Teacher Support Materials



Mrs. Vermeulen:

Foundation Phase Head of Department, Grade 1 Educator



Telephone: (021) 552 2028

Physical Address
12 Zastron Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Reception: Ms. Hyman

Personal Assistant to the Headmaster, Admissions: Mrs. Haywood

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